Hi, my name is
Garrett Baumgartner

Garrett 2010

I'm a media artist and interactive developer residing in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Originally from a small town called Nipawin located in northern Saskatchewan, I moved to Calgary to attain my BFA in the Media Arts + Digital Technologies program at the Alberta College of Art + Design (ACAD). Currently I am contributing my technical and creative skills as an Interactive Media Developer at ICOM Productions where I help a team of diverse creators build innovative eLearning software. Previous to my work experience at ICOM, I donated my time as a Researcher in Residence and Technical Producer to the Creative Environment for Emerging Electronic Culture (CE3C - pronounced "seek") at ACAD where I collaborated with artists, students, and instructors to create several projects that explored new ways of thinking with digital interfaces and digital content delivery.

My expertise and interests stretches across several areas of digital media creation — from website development, video art and animation; to electronic textiles, photography and interactive installations. As a media developer, I enjoy exploring and pushing the bounds of technology to create memorable and enjoyable human experiences. I am always open to new challenges and I look forward to helping projects and organizations that share a sense of creative discovery.

When I am not busy working on projects I can be found enjoying a coffee with my wife at a local cafe, reading a book or the current event stories, or spending quality time with my cat, Tabi.