Fellow Board Members (2009)

Running Time: 51 seconds

Fellow Board Members is a motion graphic re-imagining of a short clip of dialogue taken from an episode of the animated series South Park. In this particular episode of South Park — titled Make Love, Not Warcraft — there is a crisis in the online game World of Warcraft as one player grows powerful beyond all control. While Blizzard entertainment, the makers of World of Warcraft, tries to grapple with the situation, they call a meeting of the board of directors. Fellow Board Members is based on a part of that meeting.

Fellow Board Members (2009) Fellow Board Members (2009) Fellow Board Members (2009)


All work for Fellow Board Members was completed using Adobe After Effects. The visuals were created by combining custom digital graphics, Google search images, text animation and stop motion puppet animation. The project initially started as a deliverable for a course I attended in Visual Communication Design – Rich Media.