The Happiest Place
on Earth

Running Time: 1 minute 9 seconds

The Happiest Place on Earth is a short paper cut-out animation that follows a tired clown and his red balloon as they grow weary of life at the circus. When the red balloon attempts to make a daring escape we discover that finding freedom is not as easy as it might seem.


The Happiest Place on Earth was animated with hand-drawn paper cut-outs using a stop motion animation station. The finished project was composited and given sound effects using Final Cut Pro.

The making of the animation started during an Introduction to Animation course I completed through the Alberta College of Art + Design and taught at Quick Draw Animation Society in Calgary, Alberta.

In 2007-08 I was pleased to have The Happiest Place on Earth chosen to travel across Canada with other selected short videos and animations during Prairie Tales 9 – Alberta Film and Video on Tour.